About Me

  • I am currently a second degree computer science student at The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. Prior to this I lived in Sechelt for awhile, which was a definite change of pace.
  • I previously lived in Tokyo for a number of years and worked in the media and communications department (Media Centre) of United Nations University.
  • I almost exclusively use Linux, open source, and online software.
  • I’ve worked in a variety of industries and environments in both Canada and Japan.
  • I am interested in making the world a better place, and attempt to do so primarily with technology.
  • I like systems that contribute to communities, communication, collaboration, knowledge management and streamlining processes (Intranets, Web Applications, CRM, Websites, and Databases). Much of my work has been to provide information and solutions that encourage community and help things to happen.
  • My curiosity leads me to explore a great variety of things, both concrete and abstract. I can get wrapped up in topics related to disaster and emergency management and response, youth leadership development, sustainability and environment, productivity, and more.
  • I also do a great deal of volunteer work.