About Me

  • I have just completed a second degree program in computer science at The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver.
  • Next up, I become a grad student from September 2022.
  • I previously lived in Tokyo for a number of years and worked in the media and communications department (Media Centre) of United Nations University.
  • I almost exclusively use Linux, open source, and online software.
  • I’ve worked in a variety of industries and environments in both Canada and Japan.
  • I believe that appropriate technology can help make the world a better place – systems that improve community, communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and streamlining.
  • My curiosity leads me to explore a great variety of things, both concrete and abstract. I can get wrapped up in topics related to NPO effectiveness, disaster and emergency management and response, sustainability and environment, productivity, and more.
  • I have also done a decent amount of volunteer work.
  • I am an explorer, HSP, introvert, INFJ